Our document scanning and imaging solution convert your paper documents into text-searchable PDFs and digital images. Instead of dealing with file cabinets or off-site storage, your documents are filed digitally to a storage unit/server or migrated into an electronic document management system. Save time by finding documents faster. Save money by reclaiming valuable office space and reducing paper costs. Also, save your company a lot of headaches by handing your project over to a scanning company (Tonik Systems) who can turn your project around quickly and accurately.

We also provide if you require, on-site assistance to re-arrange, sort or collate and reorganize documents after scanning project as a stndalone service.

Benefits of document digitization to business organizations?

– No more file cabinets or off-site storage.
– Find documents instantly.
– Share & distribute documents easily and securely.
– Back-up plan for critical data.
– Cut Costs.
– Eliminate paper pushing.
– A Green and paperless Office.
– More Secure Documents.


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