Our workflow application engine is highly suitable in solving business process automation problems and seamlessly manage all kinds of processes ranges from leave requests, expense claims, customer enquiries, requisition of office items, notice of meetings, contract management and many more. Whichever business process  you choose to create, using our  process automation workflow applicatoin to automate your process deliver great benefits to business organizations.

– Reduce costs about 75%: Stop using resource, heavy paper trail systems, or consolidate processes, SharePoint platform enables you to retire legacy systems, thereby saving license and maintenance costs.
– Streamline work: Remove bottlenecks and minimize manual actions by using workflows that automate activities and tasks. Process Automation can quickly apply rules to make decisions and calculations ensuring work progresses smoothly. SharePoint 2013 process automation engine can also alert users when an action is required from them.
– Boost productivity: Reduce the amount of time users spend performing tasks, freeing them up to concentrate on other work activities like serving customers. Users no longer have to remember lengthy processes as the workflow will carry out actions and alert those who need to respond.
– Track progress: Users can easily view the status of their tasks and requests. Managers can quickly get an overview of the actions completed and outstanding. Communication is simpler with automated alerts and updates, and all users involved having easy access to the information they require.
– Deal easily with high volumes of requests: Users complete an easy to use form, submit it online and the workflow manages what happens next, so whether you have a single submission or hundreds they all get handled correctly and efficiently. Business process automation application gives you the flexibility to repeat and scale processes to meet demand.
– Reduce errors: Work consistently and reduce mistakes. By automating processes and managing them centrally you provide a framework that intuitively guide users. This minimizes the chance for human error, ensuring the correct outcome every time and only involving the people who need to be involved.
– Enforce standards: Process Automation help you maintain standards and compliance as you can configure the workflow to make sure all essential activities and outcomes are tracked and escalated. By aligning workflows with policy you make it straightforward for users to comply.
– Maintain visibility: Business process automation applications can provide effective auditing and reporting capabilities, giving you the information you need to manage, review and improve your work processes. Workflows can give you greater insights into control, compliance and accountability.
– Integrate with other systems: Data can be read from or written to other systems automatically, this overcomes information silos, and provides a single point of access for users, saving them time.


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